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The Balvenie
The Balvenie
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The Balvenie Double Wood is a 12 year old single malt which gains its distinctive character from being matured in two woods. Over its period of maturation, it is transferred from a traditional oak, whisky cask to a first fill European oak sherry cask. The traditional casks soften and add character, whilst the sherry wood brings additional depths of flavour.


The Balvenie Caribbean Cask was created by The Balvenie Malt Master, David Stewart. This single malt has had a 14-year maturation period i traditional oak whisky casks, before being transferred to cask that previously held Caribbean rum to finish aging.


For The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year Old, the first and longest stage of the maturation process takes place in an American oak whisky cask. The second and shorter stage takes place at the end of maturation when the whisky is transferred into a European oak sherry cask for a period of some months.


The Balvenie Thirty is a rare and especially fine single malt. David Stewart selects only exceptional casks that were laid down over thirty years ago. By marrying The Balvenie slowly aged in traditional oak whisky casks with that aged in European oak sherry casks, David creates a rich, mellow Scotch whisky with unusual depth and complexity. ‘Thirty’ is bottled at 47.3% abv to capture all the signature characteristics of The Balvenie.

At The Balvenie we stay true to our Five Rare Crafts, making whisky the way we always have. Our craftsmen have an intimate understanding of their materials and a desire to make the very best whisky possible. Our process is a combination of expertise, skill and ambition which gives The Balvenie its unique character. Allow us to demonstrate.


To create The Balvenie 40 Year Old, Malt Master David Stewart MBE skilfully marries together small amounts of our most mature single malts. The aged whisky consists of The Balvenie matured in traditional oak casks and European oak sherry butts that have lain in our warehouses for at least 40 years.   

The Balvenie Aged 40 Years is bottled at 48.5% ABV to capture all the signature characteristics of The Balvenie.