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Johnnie Walker XR21 3 Kingdom
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Liu Bei ( Dragon ) Dragon, the king of all mythical creatures, - symbolizes power and superiority. A king in the eyes of the Chinese civilization, the dragon is believed to be observant, perspicuous, intelligent, visionary, honorable and humane. In the battle of ChangBan, Liu Bei who was with his family, did not flee for his life, nor did he turn his back on fellow men. Instead, he led a courageous fight with the Cao army. Though there were inevitably heavy casualties, he did not let the populace down. Just like the dragon, the leader of all creatures, through his benevolence, he enriched the lives of millions.

Cao Cao ( Eagle ) Eagle, the uncrowned king among birds of prey, born a natural ferocious predator and armed with sharp eyesight. Towards the end of the Han Dynasty, Cao Cao, a renowned general of the Three Kingdoms, whose ferocity was that of an eagle, attempted to conquer Greater China He was confident, decisive and dealt with his enemy swiftly. Towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, he unified northern China, promoted social prosperity and stability. While the eagle is a predator, whenever it spreads its wing in the air, people will forget that it is a carnivorous animal and be impressed by its majestic posture.

Sun Quan ( Tiger ) Tiger, the king of the jungle. During the turbulent times in the Three Kingdoms era, Sun Quan was the hero touted to be as fierce as a tiger. Sun Quan waited patiently for the right opportunity to strike, even though he realized the mounting difficulty to defeat the enemy. And when he made his move, he struck with all his might, as though he had nothing left to lose. With his calm aptitude, akin to that of a tiger, he survived through the chaos that was gripping the Three Kingdoms. Even Cao Cao had tremendous respect for Sun Quan and considered him a formidable opponent.

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What's in the box

The John Walker & Sons XR 21 3 Kingdoms Collection consists of the Dragon (刘备) , Tiger (孙权) & the Eagle (曹操).

1 x Dragon Whisky Glass
1 x Tiger Whisky Glass
1 x Eagle Whisky Glass