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Single Malt Whisky
Single Malt Whisky
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A somewhat mysterious single malt from Douglas Laing's Old Particular range. This one comes from "Probably Orkney's Finest Distillery", though with the very small number of distilleries on Orkney, you might be able to figure out which one it was from. The whisky itself was distilled in June 1999 and bottled in August 2020 after 21 years of maturation in a refill hogshead. 236 bottles were produced.


A single cask Talisker here, distilled in November 2009 and filled into a refill hogshead. There it rested for the following decade, until Douglas Laing bottled it in October 2020 at 10 years old for the Old Particular range. Just 376 bottles were released at 48.4% ABV.


A brilliant single cask unpeated Tobermory from indie bottler Douglas Laing! This single malt was distilled on the Isle of Mull back in 2005, and left in a refill hogshead for the next 15 years. In October 2020 it was drawn from the cask and bottled for the ever-wonderful Old Particular series, with 349 bottles released at 48.4% ABV.


32 year old single malt Scotch whisky from an Islay distillery that was mothballed in 1983 and never reopened. The whisky comes from the final year of production. Matured in refill European oak butts it's a release of 2,964 individually numbered bottles. Highly sought after, there won't be too many more releases of this legendary malt.


A self-assured, well-integrated and hugely complex Port Ellen in which subtlety is all, with an effortless balance of sweet fruit notes, deeper sapid tones, citrus, honey, smoke, fire and oak, this is the oldest Port Ellen ever released, and in the words of one taster “these old Port Ellens get better and better!


Douglas Laing’s Provenance Single Malts are bottled exactly as the distiller intended – without colouring and without chill filtration, so that the naturally present oils, fats and enzymes in the Whisky are allowed to make their own special contribution to the nose, mouthfeel, palate and finish. This particular expression from the Ardmore Distillery has spent 10 years maturing in a Refill Barrel.


From Douglas Laing's Provenance range comes this single refill hogshead of Ben Nevis. Distilled and filled in November 2012, and matured a little short of 8 years, it has a big, oily, chewy presence, with malt and molasses beneath mixed spices, chewy sweets and citrus.


A single cask independent bottling of Benriach single malt Scotch whisky - Benriach are well-known for releasing plenty of single cask themselves, but indie bottlings are a little bit rarer. This one is a 6 year old whisky aged in a hogshead cask from December 2010 to August 2017, before being bottled by Douglas Laing for the Provenance range. Only 379 of these were produced.


A brill Benrinnes, independently bottled by Douglas Laing! This one was aged in a refill hogshead for 12 years, from July 2007 to February 2020, and then bottled up for the Provenance range. Just 371 bottles were produced.


A youthful Blair Athol here, released as part of the Provenance indie bottling range by Douglas Laing. It was aged in a single sherry butt for five years, from April 2014 to January 2020. Following that rest, it was bottled up at 46% ABV with an outturn of 449 bottles.


From Blair Athol Distillery comes this sherried single malt distilled in May 2011. It spent its eight years of ageing in one single sherry butt, until June 2019 when the brilliant Douglas Laing bottled it up for its Provenance range. It was bottled without colouring or chillfiltering, with the cask yielding 435 bottles at 46% ABV.


Single cask single malt from Islay's cracking Caol Ila Distillery, independently bottled by the ever-wonderful Douglas Laing. It was distilled in 2012 and allowed to age in a refill butt for eight years until 2020, when it was bottled at 46% ABV with an outturn of 797 bottles. This one shows off a great balance of classic Islay smokiness and stewed berry sweetness...


When someone said Autumn to us, we used to think of colourful leaves, Halloween and the occasional (okay, maybe more than occasional) downpour. Now, after seeing this 12 year old Fettercairn which was distilled in Autumn 2004 and bottled for Douglas Laing's Provenance range, all those Autumn things have been overshadowed by this fantastic whisky!


A Douglas Laing bottling of 10 year old Fettercairn single malt Scotch whisky, matured in a single refill hogshead cask. This was distilled in February 2008 and left to mature for a whole decade, until it was bottled for the Provenance range in May 2017. 405 bottles were produced.


Single Cask - Refill Barrel - Ref DL 13899 46% ABV - No Colouring - No Chill filtration